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Assembly & Support
Minimal assembly is required, only the headboards need to be fitted. We offer in-service, on-demand video in our video library to guide you through any questions about getting your new equipment ready to be used by your residents quickly.
Meet the needs of your residents — and your staff
You’re tired of searching for versatile equipment that can support your residents' changing needs. But you need to help your staff do their jobs effectively, even when you're facing staff shortages.

Meet our Accora products.
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It's hard to find equipment that checks all the boxes, from versatility to easy maintenance
Staff time wasted on adjusting and repositioning equipment
No options to adapt single-use equipment to residents' needs over time
Single-use equipment taking up storage space & budget 
Equipment that needs regular preventive maintenance

The easiest way to help your residents stay comfortable — and reduce your staff's workload

FloorBed 1  in Nursing Home setting
FloorBed® 1
The first truly floor-level nursing bed with adjustable height
  • Height from 2.8" to 25.6'' to help you keep at-risk residents safe from falls
  • Compact, easy to store and move: simply fold and wheel
Looks like a residential bed. Provides clinical-level care.
  • Height from 3.9" to 31.5''  to help you keep at-risk residents safe from falls
  • Residential feel and flexible design options, to create homey marketable rooms
Empresa in Nursing Home setting
Configura Advance Comfort Chair in nursing home environment
Configura® Advance
Help residents stay comfortable and active
  • Adjustable chair width, depth and height — without tools
  • BodyMove technology that reduces shear forces on back and legs
  • Tilt-in-space range 0-37 degrees to stabilize posture and redistribute pressure
Why Administrators in post-acute care prefer Accora products
Help prevent falls and fall injuries
"Our go-to bed if we have a resident who is at a high risk for falls. The most important thing is that the Accora bed goes all the way to the floor.”
Mark, Administrator
Functional and easy to adapt
“Empresa beds are easy to use for the staff. Easy to customize to resident needs: low, regular, all different positions. It’s very good quality, looks good, a lot of functionality. Just absolutely love it!”
Julie, Director of Health Services
Improve staff efficiencies 
“So much better, you're not having staff run around trying to switch things out and just waste time because you can adapt that one Accora bed.”
Julie, Director of Health Services
Case studies
Reduction in falls from beds
Reduction in falls in bedroom
Reduction in notable injuries
The Lutheran Nursing Home in Chicago, Illinois, a non-profit Senior Living Community, began utilizing the Accora FloorBed in an effort to mitigate and drive down the percentage of falls in their residents.
Jeff’s story: Helping to reduce frequent bed falls
Jeff has been using Accora FloorBeds since 2018. Discover the features he loves about the FloorBed 1.
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Empresa in Nursing Home setting
Be compliant. Be safe. Be functional.
Be compliant
Accora equipment is developed in accordance with FDA regulations and anti-entrapment codes. With third party testing to ensure our equipment has robustness and longevity. 
Be safe
Help your nursing staff avoid injuries with equipment that makes it easier for them to take care of residents. Keep your at-risk residents safe by helping prevent falls and avoiding unnecessary repositioning.
Be functional
Our products are designed to be easy to set up, use, store, and adapt to residents' needs.
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