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Configura® Advance

Help your residents lead more active lives, for longer

Configura® Advance was developed to help residents with postural requirements be comfortable, stay social and engaged for longer.
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Front view of Configura Advance Footrest on the Configura AdvanceClick Lock bracket on the Configura advanceConfigura Advance with headrest
When we say "adjustable," this is what we mean:
  • Adjustable seat height, depth and width
  • Adjustable footplate height
  • Adjustable footplate angle
  • Legrest elevation
  • Tilt-in-space of 0-37 degrees
  • Change the cushion inside the seat
No more switching out chairs or buying separate chairs for different residents.
Modifications that staff can make themselves
Adjust the chair to a resident's needs over time. Or modify the positioning to match different residents' needs.
ClickLock brackets make it easy to adjust and position backrest cushions without having to wait for the maintenance team to modify the chair.
Measurements & dimensions
  • Seat width options: 16” – 22”
  • Seat depth options: 16” – 22”
  • Footplate height options: 13” – 21”
  • Weight capacity: 352 lbs
  • Overall width: 27”
  • Overall height upright: 52”
  • Overall length without footplate: 37”
  • Overall length with footplate: 51”
  • Total length fully tilted, reclined and legrest elevated: 74”
Vinyl fabric with vapour permeable on all contact areas.
2 years
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Dynamic BodyMove™ technology
The backrest and legrest of the Configura Advance adjust in close alignment with the biomechanics of the human body.

BodyMove™ technology reduces shear recline, helps maximize pelvic stability and can help prevent tissue damage.
True tilt-in-space technology
Configura Advance tilt-in-space technology helps you keep residents' posture stabilized in the chair and keep them comfortable.

Whether you're adjusting the position during meal times or redistributing pressure to help prevent pressure sores, this geriatric chair is designed to stay comfortable all day:
  • Tilt-in-space range of 0-37 degrees 
  • Chair arms move with the chair
Pressure reduction. Gentle and reliable posture support.
Configura Advance integrated foam pressure reduction cushions are height, depth, and angle-adjustable.

A continuous seat overlay provides thigh support, and the seat overlay with a pressure cushion provides pelvic support.

Configura Advance has lateral supports and profiled headrest options. You can remove and replace the seat cushion with any specialty cushion with a 3-inch depth and 16x16'' or 17x17'' dimensions. 

All contact areas can be removed for cleaning or replacement.
See why people love the Configura Advance
Assistant Director of Rehab
“We love the ease of adjusting it, as some of us are mechanically challenged!”
Director of Nursing
“Our occupational therapists are overjoyed with the functionality of this chair, where you can make it wider and deeper. I love the waterfall pillow piece. The way that you can take those pillows off and kind of wedge them, there's no pressure on the spine. I literally have not seen anything like it.”
Director of Rehab
“Other chairs we have used aren’t as soft and cushioned as Accora”
Director of Rehab
“I have so much control over the positioning of my residents, I can really help them, and they love it so much.”
Principal Occupational Therapist
“The Configura Advance has been wonderful for residents that need alternate positioning due to wound management or fracture management. Chairs we’ve used previously weren't as comfortable, workable or accommodating.”
Trusted by staff at
“A lot of the beds used in post-acute care do go pretty low to the floor, but they don’t actually touch the floor, this is a game-changer.”
Director of Nursing
“FloorBed 1 is easy to use for staff with plenty of safety measures.”
Deputy Executive Director
"It’s very good quality, looks good, a lot of functionality. Just absolutely love it!"
Director of Heath Services
Frequently Asked Questions
Why is the Configura Advance so comfortable?
The four-way stretch material throughout the chair allows the resident to immerse into the cushions thus redistributing pressure to all areas of their body providing incredible comfort and reduced pressure.
Can the Configura Advance chair positions be changed?
Yes, it reclines up to 130 degrees and tilts 0-37 degrees.
Do the legs elevate?
Yes, using BodyMove™ technology to ensure an outward and upward motion, thereby preventing the knees from scrunching up which is uncomfortable. Also, there are no gaps between the legs and support is provided beneath each knee preventing achy knees.
Can a specialty seat cushion be used with the Configura Advance?
Yes, any preferred cushion 16”x16” or 17”x17” with a 3” depth can be inserted into the well of our amazing cushion.
Is the Configura Advance chair configurable?
Yes, the Configura Advance chair is configurable. Without tools, the seat can be widened from 16” to 22” and the depth can also be changed from 16” to 22”.
Do you offer plantar and dorsiflexion on the footplate?
Yes, there are three angles of adjustment to accommodate this.
Can the footplate be removed?
Yes, easily for a taller resident or if a sit to stand lift is to be used.
What if I have a shorter resident?
To provide support to the feet of a vertically challenged resident, the footplate can be raised and/or lowered. It can also be angled to provide plantar or dorsiflexion when needed.
Is the material waterproof?
The material is vapour permeable. Therefore, it allows air to move from within to outwards and helps prevent fluids from getting in.
Do you offer a bariatric option?
No, the Configura Advance is not made for bariatric care.
Is the Configura covered under Medicare or Medicaid?
No, the Configura Advance is not covered or reimbursed under Medicare or Medicaid. 
Will this chair fit under the dining table?
Close, but no, maybe if the chair is lowered to the floor height.
Can this chair be transported in a van?
No, it is not set to be tied or locked down nor is it advised that a resident ride in the back of a van whilst in the chair.
What is the duration of the warranty?
2 years.
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