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Floor-level nursing beds and geriatric chairs

Provide personalized care. Improve residents’ quality of life. 
Adaptable floor-level nursing beds and geriatric chairs. Designed to keep residents with a variety of needs safe – while helping them stay comfortable and independent.
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Why staff at post-acute facilities choose Accora
Less frequent falls and injuries
Accora products can help reduce the number and severity of falls, and help prevent pressure ulcers and skin tears.
Long-term value equipment
Optimise your budget, with adaptable equipment that can be used facility-wide, across multiple resident needs.
More time to spend with residents
Easy to handle, move and store. Quick resolution for maintenance issues. Because you’re in this profession to take care of people.
“Can you design a height-adjustable bed that goes to the floor-level?”
We spent over two years on development and testing to answer that question.

In 2013, we started manufacturing the first truly floor-level nursing bed at just 2.8”. Since then, clinical studies have proved that it can help reduce the risk of serious fall injuries and the number of falls.
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Clinical-level care. Residential look.

The only truly floor-level bed with 100+ design options to complement your nursing home interior. Empresa can help prevent bed falls and fall injuries - its lowest setting is just 3.9''.

BodyMove™ technology reduces average pressure over the sacral area by up to 23% compared to a standard nursing bed.

One-touch handset and a full nursing height of 31.5” make Empresa easy to use for your nursing staff.
Empresa in anti-trendelenburg position
The first truly floor-level nursing bed with adjustable height.

Compact, easy to store and set up, FloorBed 1 goes from a full nursing height of 25.6'' to the floor-level height of 2.8'', keeping residents safe.

Easy profiling positions and backrest with BodyMove™ technology helps staff adjust a resident's position in bed, reducing pressure in the sacral area.

Ergonomic handset makes it easy for your nursing staff to adjust the bed height and safety features prevent unintentional use.
Floorbed 1 at floor level
Configura® Advance was developed to help residents with postural requirements be comfortable, stay social and keep engaged for longer.

No more switching out chairs or buying separate chairs for different residents.

You can adjust the chair to residents’ need over time with adjustable seat height, depth and width.

It also has a height and angle adjustable footplate as well as legrest elevation and tilt-in-space of 0-37 degrees.
Accora FloorBed® technology proven to help prevent falls
During the evaluation period at Lutheran Home, a non-profit Senior Living Community in Illinois, FloorBed technology was associated with a 100% reduction in the number of falls from the bed, compared to the standard bed.
Reduction in falls from beds
Reduction in falls in bedroom
Reduction in notable injuries
“A lot of the beds used in post-acute care do go pretty low to the floor, but they don’t actually touch the floor, this is a game-changer.”
Director of Nursing
“FloorBed 1 is easy to use for staff with plenty of safety measures.”
Deputy Executive Director
"It’s very good quality, looks good, a lot of functionality. Just absolutely love it!"
Director of Heath Services

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Be compliant. Be safe. Be functional.
Be compliant
Accora equipment is developed in accordance with FDA regulations and anti-entrapment codes. With third party testing to ensure our equipment has robustness and longevity.
Be safe
Help your nursing staff avoid injuries with equipment that makes it easier for them to take care of residents. Keep your at-risk residents safe by helping prevent falls and avoiding unnecessary repositioning.
Be functional
Our products are designed to be easy to set up, use, store and adapt to residents' needs.
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