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Make it easier to help prevent falls with the lowest bed on the market

FloorBed1 functions like a full electric bed. It redistributes pressure, with easy positioning and it actually goes to floor-level.

Most low beds are 9.5'' high — too high to reduce the force of impact if a resident falls. Accora floor-level beds can reduce the force of impact by as much as 40%.*
*Lowest Heights of Floor Level Beds: Fall Velocity and Impact Force Analysis and Resulting Injuries, Dr. George Zaphir, (2014)
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Accora FloorBed® technology proven to help prevent falls
During the evaluation period at Lutheran Home, a non-profit Senior Living Community in Illinois, FloorBed technology was associated with a 100% reduction in the number of falls from the bed, compared to the standard bed.
Reduction in falls from beds
Reduction in falls in bedroom
Reduction in notable injuries
FloorBed at floor level with high safety matAriel view of FloorBed 1 with high safety mat of both sides of the bedFloorBed 1 profiled FloorBed 1 bed frame folded for easy storage
Our best floor bed for
Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Facilities
Long-Term Care Facilities
Reduce the force of impact. Turn falls into rolls.
FloorBed 1 is only 2.8'' high at the lowest setting. For some residents, this is enough to prevent them from falling.
For high-risk residents, you can also add a safety mat on one or both sides of the bed.
Accora safety mats are the same height as the bed with a 6” mattress, so there's no change of height if a resident rolls off the bed onto the mat — and no reportable fall.
Easy height and position adjustment
  • Backrest 
  • Legrest
  • Trendelenburg 15 degrees
  • Anti-Trendelenburg 15 degrees
The handset for the nursing staff is flexible enough to be used from either side of the bed. 
Measurements & dimensions
  • Overall dimensions: Standard: 36.4" width x 90.4" length
  • Mattress size:
    Standard: 36" width x 80" length
    Extended: 36" x width 84" length
  • Safe working load: 408 lbs
  • Maximum patient weight: 330 lbs
  • Platform height: 2.8" - 25.6"
  • Frame: 10 years
  • Electric/parts: 2 years
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Avoid unnecessary injuries from moving and repositioning residents
Handset safety features include:
  • Lockout feature to prevent unintentional use
  • Auto-safety stop function to lower the bed safely
If you use assist bars, safety zones on each corner of the frame prevent the placement of the assist bar where it might create an entrapment zone.
Floorbed 1 and Remote Control with one touch positioning and safety features
FloorBed 1 Plus for bariatric residents
For residents who need more room, the FloorBed 1 Plus has a width of 42'', and can be extended to a length of 84''.

With a floor-level height of 3.1'', it delivers all the benefits of FloorBed 1 for bariatric residents.
Ariel view of the Floorbed 1
See why people love FloorBed 1
Director of Nursing
“A lot of the beds used in post-acute care do go pretty low to the floor, but they don’t actually touch the floor, this is a game-changer.”
Deputy Executive Director
“It became very hot within the facility, because every time somebody would become one of those habitual fallers, we’d get an Accora FloorBed 1 to them, to mitigate the issues.”
"Our go-to bed if we have a resident who is at a high risk for falls. The most important thing is that the Accora bed goes all the way to the floor. Products we’ve been using before, they don't quite go all the way to the floor, they go four to six inches and there's still an impact."
Headshot of Jeff a Director of Nursing
Director of Nursing
“There's multiple features that we like about the FloorBed 1. Number one is it lowers so well to the floor, it's easy to move around. The ease of the handset and it's just a cleaner looking bed than what we’ve had previously.”
Deputy Executive Director
“FloorBed 1 works incredibly well, reducing falls. [It] is easy to use for staff with plenty of safety measures.”
“From a risk management standpoint, the FloorBed 1 and safety mat are working really well together.”
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