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Great look. Great clinical outcomes.

Our customers were asking us for a nursing bed that would keep their residents comfortable and safe — and look like a residential bed. That's why we developed Empresa.
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Accora FloorBed® technology proven to help prevent falls
During the evaluation period at Lutheran Home, a non-profit Senior Living Community in Illinois, FloorBed technology was associated with a 100% reduction in the number of falls from the bed, compared to the standard bed.
Reduction in falls from beds
Reduction in falls in bedroom
Reduction in notable injuries
FloorBed handset Empresa in Trendelenburg positionEmpresa at floor level with high safety matEmpresa Headboard styles and colours
Our best floor bed for
Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Facilities
Long Term Care Facilities
Adaptable height, length, and width. Plus, one-touch positioning.
Tailor the Empresa to the needs of each individual resident:
  • Adjust height from floor-level at 3.9'' to full nursing height at 31.5''
  • Add a 42'' width extension for bariatric residents
  • Extend bed length from 80'' to 84''
One-touch pre-programmed care and comfort positions that can help reduce pressure risk.
Pre-programmed profiling functions:
  • Backrest with BodyMove™ 
  • Legrest 
  • Trendelenburg 15 degrees
  • Anti-Trendelenburg 15 degrees
Design your own Empresa bed. Choose from 100+ design combinations
Customize the Empresa design to fit your room decor:
  • Headboards and footboards in 7 different styles
  • Wood finishes in 16 colors
Measurements & dimensions
  • Overall dimensions: 40" width x 82.3" length
  • Mattress size:
    Standard: 36" width x 80" length
    Width extended: 42" width x 80" length
    Length extended: 36" width x 84" length
  • Safe working load: 600 lbs
  • Maximum patient weight: 525 lbs
  • Maximum trapeze load: 165 lbs
  • Platform height: 3.9" - 31.5"
  • Castor diameter: 2.5"
  • Frame: 12 years
  • Electric/parts: 4 years
  • Liquid ingress protection: IPX6
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Distribute pressure more evenly and reduce shear
When moving from a supine to sitting position in bed, the body naturally lengthens. Empresa’s BodyMove™ technology accommodates this change.

Dynamic BodyMove technology helps reduce average pressure over the sacral area by up to 23%, compared to a standard nursing bed.
FloorBed technology to help you prevent falls and fall-related injuries
Falls can affect a resident’s health, mobility, and confidence. FloorBed technology can help prevent them.

For residents at a higher risk of a fall, a safety mat can be added to transform falls into rolls.

Accora safety mats are the same height as Accora beds with a mattress, so there is no change of height if residents roll off the bed — and no reportable falls.
Empresa floor level nursing bed with high safety mat
Avoid unnecessary injuries from moving and repositioning residents
No need to directly lift patients and residents: change their position with one click of a handset button. 

Handset safety features include:
  • Lockout feature to prevent unintentional use
  • Auto-safety stop function to prevent the bed from being lowered below 7'' without caregiver action
  • UniSafe braking system to secure each set of brakes with just one press
Empresa floor level nursing bed overlaid with image of bed handset
See why people love Empresa
Headshot of Jeff a Director of Nursing
Director of Nursing
“We really like the pre-programmed Trendelenburg position, so that we can boost people up safely, not injure our residents or our staff’s backs.”
Director of Nursing
“All of the safety features, that’s what’s best about Accora, because safety is first with our residents.”
Director of Health Services
“Empresa beds are easy to use for the staff. Easy to customize to resident needs: low, regular all different positions. It’s very good quality, looks good, a lot of functionality. Just absolutely love it!”
Headshot of Kathleen an Assistant Administrator
Assistant Administrator
“We were looking for a bed with a more aesthetic (less clinical) appearance and design, while still maintaining function and safety.”
Interior Designer
“Innovative with a great range of design options.”
Headshot of Willa an Interior Designer
Interior Designer
“It's very hard to find a residential looking bed that you can change the height on. The Empresa has the residential feel and met our client’s clinical needs.”
Director of Health Services
“It looks like it could be in a home so it's sort of deceiving when people go in. It looks like a residential bed, but it has all the functionality of a health care bed.”
Interior Designer
“Nice features, and it actually goes to the floor!”
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