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Strategies to Maximize Safe and Assisted Bed Exits

On demand
March 14, 2024 11:00 AM
Eastern Time (ET)
The one and only Dr Patricia Quigley seeks to challenge and Inspire long-term caregivers to add precision to their patient safety practices, safe mobility and fall prevention clinical practices to maximize safe and assisted bed exits and reduce bed-related falls in this free, live learning session. An inspiring session for clinical caregivers and leadership roles in older adult healthcare settings.
Learning outcomes
Understand and manage risk of unassisted bed exits
Prioritize bed exit interventions into safe mobility and fall prevention care planning
Explore options to redesign and individualize the patient’s room and create safe exit sides
Integrate innovative technology to facilitate assisted bed exits
Meet our Expert
Dr Patricia Quigley

Dr. Patricia Quigley, is a Nurse Consultant, Nurse Scientist, Former Associate Director and VISN 8 Patient Safety Center of Inquiry. She is both a Clinical Nurse Specialist and a Nurse Practitioner in Rehabilitation, and her contributions to patient safety, nursing and rehabilitation are evident at a national level – with emphasis on clinical practice innovations designed to promote elders’ independence and safety. She is nationally known for her program of research in patient safety, particularly in fall prevention. The falls program research agenda continues to drive research efforts across health services and rehabilitation researchers.